About Us

We are a group of creative artists, that have joined together to change the clothing industry. Taking our art off the wall and saying with your chest. We do this for the love of seeing art not just on a wall at a big business and in homes. We intend to make every one of you a canvas, not just a canvas but a canvas that expresses you. No matter the person the piece you buy.

Clothing or home décor the story becomes yours, it represents you and the reason you purchased it and how it moved you. This is bringing the gallery to you no matter who you are in this world at this time in your life. Yes, we are also going to do our best to take the words starving out of starving artist.

We fully intend to bring on more artis of many styles. We also plan on creating a way for everyone to eat, buy providing you with affiliate links.  You want need to build a YouTube channel to sell. You can just be you. Receive a 40% (40%- taxes and shipping and handling and 3 percent in which we will dedicate to people in need of help and the homeless. We also will be providing proceeds towards this cause) of each sell for all of our customers who sign of up for the affiliate link.